Attract & Retain Employees

Keeping your workforce fresh

Your business is only as good as your workforce, and your workforce performs best when engaged, empowered and motivated. Long-term employees are especially great – they hold institutional knowledge, gain efficiency through long-term experience at their jobs, and engage and educate the next generation of workers.

Financial insecurity, however, can disrupt the natural balance found in vibrant workplaces. Money worries can lead to stress, absenteeism and lowered productivity. Workers financially unprepared to retire may stay on for years, stagnating advancement in a company. So what can employers do to keep their workforce fresh?

You can help keep your workforce fresh in many ways, but solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all. Talk to an Alerus business consultant to learn about the offerings we have for you, and brainstorm with us what else you can do. Our experience working with businesses of all types and our expertise with a range of workplace benefits make Alerus a great place to get fresh ideas.