Let’s partner on what matters to you.

We’re on a journey toward a better future for all the communities we serve. It’s a commitment from Alerus and it’s a personal calling for our employees.



We call it our Alerus Connect with the Community volunteer program. Our employees call it connecting to what matters. And for you, this program could mean volunteers who are passionate about your cause. Our employees consider requests for one-time or ongoing volunteer commitments.

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Alerus is proud to support the communities we serve by donating tens of thousands of dollars and countless volunteer hours to organizations important to our clients and employees.

Priority funding areas:

Additionally, Alerus makes donations that enhance education, support self-sufficiency, and promote the business and civic interests of our communities. Nonprofit or public facilities that benefit recipients in and around the communities we serve are invited to apply for funding.

Note that we only accept one request per organization per year.

Donations are not made in support of the following:

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We’re proud to support students who are committed to pursuing their dreams through a college degree. Students who are planning to enroll or are currently in a higher education degree program are eligible for consideration.

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