Where can I find an ATM?

Alerus is a part of the MoneyPass network, offering thousands of ATMs in convenient locations around the United States. Find a MoneyPass ATM

Is there a fee to use an ATM?

There are no fees for Alerus clients using one of thousands of MoneyPass ATMs to transfer funds, make deposits, inquire about a balance and withdraw cash.  Find a MoneyPass ATM

Fees may apply when using a non-MoneyPass ATM. Look for the MoneyPass logo at the ATM to avoid paying a surcharge.

What transactions can I complete at an ATM?

You can get cash, make transfers between accounts, check account balances. Some ATMS are enabled with the ability to deposit cash and checks.

Emails & Texts

Does Alerus send emails and/or texts to its clients?

We may occasionally send messages to you. If you’ve provided us a valid email address, you may opt out of receiving marketing messages through the Preference Center located at the bottom of the email. Text/SMS Messages If you’ve set up specific alerts such as account alerts, we’ll send information as appropriate. NOTE: It’s important to note that we will never ask for any personal information over email or text. Alerus will never send unsolicited emails or texts asking clients to provide, update or verify their personal or account information, such as passwords, Social Security numbers, personal identification numbers (PINs), credit or debit card numbers, or other confidential information. As always, Alerus respects your privacy. To learn more, visit

How do I sign up for email or text alerts?

  1. Go to My Alerus and select your Bank Account.
  2. From the Quick Links select ‘Summary’.
  3. Under ‘Settings’, select ‘Add/Edit Alerts’.
  4. Select the Alert you want to Add or Edit.

Is there a fee for alerts?

No. Alerus does not charge a fee for this service.

How can I make sure you have the right cell phone number so I can be sure the alerts are sent to me?

Contact us to update or verify your cell number, either by visiting any of our locations or calling our Client Service Center 833.325.3787 who can add or update your cell phone. A valid identification or other documentation may be required.

Can I unsubscribe from Fraud Alerts?

Yes. Simply reply ‘STOP’ when you receive a text message, visit any of our locations or contact our Client Service Center 833.325.3787 and we can remove the service from your account.

Routing Number

What is Alerus routing number?

Alerus’ routing number is 091300159. It’s the first set of numbers printed on the bottom of your checks, on the left side.

Personal Online Banking

What steps are required to enroll in online banking?

  1. From a desktop computer, click ‘Login’ in the upper right hand corner. Choose ‘My Alerus’  from the drop down menu. Select ‘Sign In’.
  2. Select ‘Sign Up’ in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Verify your identity.
  4. Create a unique username and password.
  5. Select ‘Create Account’.
  6. Agree to the E-Sign disclosure and Terms of Use for our website.
  7. Set up phone verification. You can select a ‘Phone Call’ or ‘Text’ to verify your identity. If you choose to receive texts, you will receive one confirming verification alerts and a second with a unique code.

How do I access my account from

  1. From a desktop computer, click ‘Login’ in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Choose ‘My Alerus’ from the drop down menu.
  3. Enter your username and password and select ‘Sign In’.
  1. It is recommended that you download the ‘Alerus Mobile Banking’  app from the Google Play store or Apple Store.
  2. To use Alerus Mobile Banking on your mobile browser, click ‘Menu’, scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Login’.
  3. Select your account type, enter username and password, and select ‘Sign In’.

Why do I need a one-time security code?

This helps us verify that you are the person requesting access.

What if I don’t recognize, or am not available at, the phone number for the security code?

If you are not available at the phone number listed, you can access your account via the mobile app or by calling the Client Service Center at 833.325.3787.

What are the features of My Alerus online banking?

  • Up-to-date financial data from all your Alerus accounts
  • Bill pay and funds transfer between accounts
  • Personalized goals that allow you to track your progress
  • Your financial wellness score with measurement across five key workout areas
  • Your personalized budget so you can monitor expenses across spending categories
For more information, visit the My Alerus page.

Where do I make a payment?

From My Alerus, click on the Pay Bills tab. Click on the Add a company or person to pay button. From this screen, you can select a category or enter the name of the company or person in the search field.
  • When you select a category, the bill pay system provides a list of businesses that fall into that category, along with their billing information. You will need to add the billing account number.
  • When you add a company, you will need to enter the business name, account number, address, and phone number.
  • When you add a person, the user will need to enter the person’s first and last name, address, and phone number.
Once the biller is added, enter the amount to be paid. Bill pay automatically displays the earliest date the biller could receive the payment. You can accept this date or change it.
  • Available payment dates in blue let you know when the payment will reach the biller. An overnight delivery option may be available for a fee.
  • The money is withdrawn from your account on the payment date or when the biller cashes the check.
  • The date must be a business day that is not more than a year in the future.


How do I order more checks?

It only takes a few minutes to order checks online. You may also order checks by calling or stopping by at any Alerus location.

How can I get check copies?

If you have My Alerus/Online Banking, you can sign on to view and print checks or you can call the Client Service Center to request them by mail.

How do I stop payment on a check?

You can stop payment on a check by calling the Client Service Center  833.325.3787.

Where can I find my bank account number on my check?

Your account number  is specific to your personal account. It’s the second set of numbers printed on the bottom of your checks, just to the right of the bank routing number. You can also find your account number on your monthly statement and within online banking.


What is CardValet?

CardValet is a standalone app that allows you to turn your debit card “on” or “off” anytime. When a card is “off,” it cannot be used by anyone. Turn it “on” when you’re ready to use it.
Advantages of CardValet:
  • Help safeguard your cards from fraud
  • Define areas where your card can be used
  • Limit purchase by the type of merchant
  • Set limits on the dollar amount
For more information, visit the CardValet page or watch a video demo.

Is there a cost?

No, CardValet is a free service we offer to our client’s. However, message and data rates may apply from your carrier.

What operating system do I need for CardValet?

CardValet will generally support the current and two past versions of the operating systems for Apple iOS devices and Android-based mobile devices.

How do I enroll/register for CardValet?

Download the CardValet app (Apple/Google) and install on your device
Registration Process:
  • Once you have the app installed on your mobile device, open the app and select ‘New User’
  • You will begin the registration process by entering your card number. After you have entered the card number press “Next”. You will then be asked to input the following information to complete your card registration process.
    • Security Code (3-digit code found in the signature panel on the back of the card)
    • Expiration Date
    • Billing Address (must match the address Alerus has on file for your account)
    • Last 4 digits of the primary cardholder
  • Once this information has been entered and verified you will be asked to accept the ‘Terms and Conditions for CardValet Terms of Use’. Please press ‘accept’ to continue.
  • You will now create your account login information by entering your email address, selecting a username and creating a password.
Need more information? Watch a video tutorial on how to get started. You may also call our Client Service Center or visit any one of our locations for assistance.

Can multiple cards be linked to one registered account?

You can register multiple cards within a single CardValet app. Additional cards can be added within the ‘Manage Portfolio – Add Card’ screen.
You will need to enter the same level of detail entered for the original card. This information includes the
  • Card number
  • Security Code (3-digit code found in the signature panel on the back of the card)
  • Expiration Date
  • Billing Address (must match the address Alerus has on file for your account)
  • Last 4 digits of the primary cardholder
Typical examples of multiple individuals registering one card include: parents and dependents; spouses; and employers/employees.

How exactly does the on/off feature work?

The on/off control within CardValet will allow you to block transactions at any time for any reason. The on/off function will not affect transactions that were approved prior to the card being turned off or to transactions that have been setup as recurring.

What are Controls and Alerts?

Controls can be used to restrict transactions based on certain parameters, whereas alerts are only notifications that a transaction has been conducted or attempted. Controls facilitate the on/off CardValet setting, as well as limiting usage based on merchant type, location, or transaction amount. Alerts can be set to notify you based on the parameters you chose regarding merchant type, location, transaction amount, or you may choose to be alerted for all card transactions.

A threshold limit of $50 has been set but I cannot buy gas at some pumps. Why?

There are some merchant types that will pre-authorize the card for an amount that may be larger than the actual transaction amount. In this instance the pre-authorization amount is exceeding the threshold spend limit. If this happens to you, adjust/turn off the ‘Spend Limit’ control or go inside and prepay for a specific dollar amount.

I used my card and got declined due to My Location or My Region controls, why?

There are some local merchants that use out of area processors for their card transactions, those transactions may be declined for these types of merchants if the ‘My Region’ or ‘My Location’ controls are active. Please deactivate this control and attempt the purchase again.

Can I block all international transactions?

International transactions can be blocked using the ‘International’ location control. Transactions will be limited to the United States. IF this option is selected, you will not be able to also use either the ‘My Location’ or ‘My Region’ controls.
Always contact Alerus if you plan to travel outside of the country.

Mobile Wallet

What is Mobile Wallet?

Your Alerus debit card is compatible with Mobile Wallet services, such as Apple Pay.
Mobile Wallet allows you to store your card information securely on your smartphone, and to use your phone to make purchases at stores that accept mobile payments. When you pay in a store using Mobile Wallet services, you don’t share the information contained on your card. Your mobile device sends a unique, one-time passcode to the merchant’s terminal that doesn’t contain actual card information. Learn more about Mobile Wallet

How do I delete a card from my Mobile Wallet?

For Apple, go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay and select the card you wish to remove. Scroll to the bottom and tap Remove Card. For Android, go to Settings > Wallet & Samsung Pay and select the card you wish to remove. Scroll to the bottom and tap Remove Card. To confirm, tap to remove.

What happens if I get a new phone or replace an old device?

Be sure to delete your cards from your Wallet before exchanging or selling your old phone or device. You will then need to register your cards again the in the desired wallet. If your device has not been backed up or your information cannot be saved from your prior device, you will need to complete the registration process for each card again.

How does Mobile Wallet work?

Use your Mobile Wallet anywhere contactless payments are accepted or to make purchases in app with participating apps. For additional instructions on how to add your card, or for participating merchants or apps, click on the links below:

How do I add my Alerus Debit Card to my Mobile Wallet?

Apple Pay®
  1. Launch the Apple Wallet app.
  2. Tap the '+' icon
  3. Select the payment card option 'Credit or Debit Card'
  4. Place your Alerus Debit Card on a flat surface and capture an image of the card by lining the card up within the frame to automatically capture Name, Card Number and Expiration Date. Note: Any information that cannot be captured based on the scan can be entered manually.
  5. Once the card has been verified, you will receive an on-screen Apple Pay notification indicating your card has been successfully added to the app.
Samsung Pay™
  1. Launch the Samsung Pay app.
  2. Tap the '+' icon
  3. Place your Alerus Debit Card on a flat surface and capture an image of the card by lining the card up within the frame to automatically capture Card Number and Expiration Date. Note: Any information that cannot be captured based on the scan can be entered manually.
  4. Once the card has been added, it must e verified by the payment card network. This may take a few minutes to complete.


What is the difference between a direct and indirect rollover?

Direct rollover funds are moved directly between accounts without the participant ever touching it. For indirect rollovers, the funds are distributed to the participant for deposit into another account.

I have a rollover IRA, can I transfer that?

Depending on certain variables, you may be able to transfer your rollover IRA. Contact Tammy Hoy for further details.

How do I update my account(s) and retirement plan beneficiary declarations?

How do I access my Retirement and Benefits account at

On the homepage click the Login button in the upper right corner. From the Account Type dropdown select "My Alerus" and click Sign In. You will be directed to the Alerus Account Access page where you will be prompted for your username. After you have entered your username you will be prompted for your password on the following screen. Once you have successfully entered your login credentials, you will be connected to your account online.

What is a rollover IRA?

Rollover IRA is an Individual Retirement Agreement that is designed to segregate assets rolled from your former employer’s qualified retirement plan (pension, profit sharing, 401(k), etc) into an IRA that is separate from your other Traditional IRA funds. This may allow you to roll the funds from the Rollover IRA back into another qualified employer retirement plan at a later date. In addition, rolling over to an IRA allows you to keep your savings tax-deferred and typically offers more investment choices. Visit the IRA page, to learn more.

What are the differences between traditional IRA and Roth IRA?

With a Roth IRA, you contribute after-tax dollars, your money grows tax-free, and you can generally make tax- and penalty-free withdrawals after age 59½. With a Traditional IRA, you contribute pre- or after-tax dollars, your money grows tax-deferred, and withdrawals are taxed as current income after age 59½.

Debit Card

How do I request a new or replacement debit card?

If you need a replacement card you can do one of the following:
  1. Call our Client Service Center at 833.325.3787 and a new card will be mailed to you within 7 – 10 business days.
  2. Need your card right away? Stop by the following branches to receive your new debit card instantly:
North Dakota  Minnesota

How can I report a lost or stolen card?

Stolen Card
  1. Immediately report the stolen card to Client Service Center at  833.325.3787
  2. If you have the CardValet app, immediately turn “off” your card.
Lost Card
  1. If you have the CardValet app, immediately turn “off” your card.
  2. If you find your card, simply turn it back “on”.
  3. If you cannot find it, please contact the Client Service Center 833.325.378.

How can I dispute a charge?

Clients should try to contact the merchant about the error, if it can’t be resolved through the merchant please contact our Client Service Center to start the dispute process.

How do I change or reset my PIN?

To reset the PIN, call the phone number listed on the back of your card or you can stop by the following locations to  reset your pin:

Can I lock and unlock my debit card?

Yes, please see FAQ section titled  CardValet

Are there daily purchase/withdrawal limits?

  • 30 transactions a day per deposit account (not per debit card).
  • Cash limits can vary. For a standard issued card the limit is set to $505 for an ATM withdrawal
  • $2,500 for a Point-of-sale (POS) credit or debit transaction

I will be traveling outside of the US and plan to use my debit card. What do I need to do?

Contact the Client Service Center and let us know about your travel dates/destinations. Certain countries have restrictions and  can change daily.
  1. Download the CardValet app so you can control your debit card.
  2. Download the Mobile Banking app. If you already have the app, make sure it is still active and up-to-date.
  3. Make sure you know your  PIN,.
  4. Make sure you have the Alerus contact phone number and email.


How do I update my address or contact information?

Please contact the Client Service Center 833.325.3787 or visit any Alerus location. A valid identification or other documentation may be required.

How do I sign up for Online Statements?

You will automatically be enrolled in online statements.

How do I cancel online statements?

Call our Client Service Center at 833.325.3787 to opt out of online statements.

I would like to switch my accounts to Alerus. How can I do this?

Our advisors can assist you with switching your accounts. Please contact an advisor or find a location nearest you.

What is the holiday schedule at Alerus?

Go to the Holiday Hours and Dates page for a complete list of holidays that will be observed at Alerus.

What is Alerus mailing address?

Our mailing address is:

Alerus P.O. Box 6001 Grand Forks, ND 58206 – 6001

I need support for my loan. Who should I contact?

Call our Client Service Center at 833.325.3787 for any question related to your loan.
Our mailing address is:

Alerus P.O. Box 6001 Grand Forks, ND 58206 – 6001

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

How long do I have to renew or close my account when my CD matures?

You have 10 days to decide whether you want to change your term or close your account penalty free.

How will I be notified that my CD is going to mature?

Alerus will mail a pre-renewal notice to you 14 days before your CD matures.

How do I renew my CD account?

If you would like to keep the same term, you do not need to contact us. If you would like a different term you may contact our client service center or your advisor or stop into a branch.

Will I be charged a penalty for early withdrawal of my money?

Depending on the term, you may be charged 3 or 6 months’ worth of interest on the amount withdrawn.

Savings Account

When do I start earning interest on my savings account?

You will earn interest immediately on any funds in your account.

How is interest paid on my savings account?

We use the daily balance method to calculate the interest on your account. This method applies a daily period rate to the principal in the account each day. Interest will be compounded and credited to your account quarterly.

Insurance Checks

I received an insurance check in the mail with Alerus as one of the payees. What should I do next?

After processing a claim for damage on your home, your insurance company may issue you a check and include our name as one of the payees, since we are your lender. This insurance claim check is called a loss draft check. When you receive a loss draft check, please call 877.592.0192 promptly to speak with a loss draft representative at Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc. (DMI), the servicer of your Alerus mortgage loan. Before making the call, please have the following information available for reference:
  • Your loan number
  • Dollar amount of check
  • Copy of insurance adjuster’s report, if available
A loss draft representative will review your situation and explain the next steps to take based on the amount of your loss draft check and status of your loan. DMI will identify whether or not the loss draft check can be signed by them on Alerus’ behalf and released back to you. If DMI identifies your case as a monitored claim, the check will need to be placed into a restricted escrow account, where funds will be disbursed and managed by DMI until all required repairs have been completed.  DMI will provide you with a copy of their loss draft procedures which will outline how disbursements are made from the escrow and if an inspection will be required. To allow time for processing before contractor bills may be due, please contact the DMI loss draft team as soon as possible after receiving a check, and allow at least 10 days for processing of checks mailed to DMI. Mail: Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc. Attn: Loss Draft Department 1 Corporate Drive, Suite 360 Lake Zurich, IL 60047-8924 Email: Fax: 847.574.7617