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Choosing Your Business’ Retirement Plan Provider

As businesses grow and compete for employees, one of the most popular benefits they may choose to offer is a qualified retirement plan such as a 401(k). But while such plans are sometimes viewed as a commodity, employers actually have many decisions to make when designing a retirement plan and the right retirement provider can help.

Designing a unique retirement plan can both serve the needs of employees and help the employer stand out in a competitive job market. Choosing the right retirement plan provider is the first step in the process. The right provider can make the difference between a plan that causes headaches and a plan that makes you a hero. Here are five things to know and evaluate when comparing potential providers.

Whether you are new to offering retirement benefits or considering a new provider, look for a partner with a long history who has invested in its service offerings. Alerus has been helping firms with retirement since 1944 and invests in the technology and tools needed to provide the best service possible for plan sponsors and their employees. Talk to your Alerus representative about how we can help you offer a retirement benefit that fits your needs.