Transition My Business

Financial Technology: The new ways of doing business

A year of forced innovation and improvisation has transformed the way people work in ways both obvious (work from home, anyone?) and not so obvious. For businesses looking to the future, there are big decisions to make that could have a significant impact on the ability to attract and retain talent, and on maximizing the productivity and efficiency of employees. Discover how financial technology is adapting to the digital age and transforming customer experience in financial services.

Here are five questions employers should be asking themselves (and their advisors) about the ways they will work going forward. While the answers will differ from business to business, even small changes can affect your cash flow, business plan, and profitability.

These aren’t small questions, and they don’t have easy answers. Surrounding yourself with trusted advisors and guides is always important, but especially when it comes to decisions that affect employees. Alerus business advisors can provide insights and ideas drawn from across various industries, and help you identify how new ways of working may affect your bottom line.