Attract & Retain Employees

Workplace wellness programs can help employees and businesses

At a time when hiring and retaining quality employees is a challenge, some businesses are finding success by focusing on workplace wellness, not just salaries (although those are important too). This strategy can not only boost recruitment and retention efforts but also improve employee productivity. After all, financial concerns are a leading cause of stress and distraction for workers, which can spill into working hours.

Businesses can help employees achieve financial wellness by partnering with business advisors and benefits providers who make wellness a focus. Workplace wellness programs offer one-on-one and group sessions to guide employees, along with tools they can use to manage their individual goals and progress, helping workers take control and gain confidence without requiring the employer to manage the programs.

At Alerus, delivering holistic financial wellness is part of our mission. We have been innovating our offerings over the years, and like many organizations we made a major investment in digital engagement and technology during the COVID-19 pandemic. We now offer more webinars, remote meetings, and online tools than ever before. Talk to one of our benefits specialists to learn more about our workplace financial wellness offerings and how they can help your business and employees thrive together.