Plan for Retirement

Social security strategies and tips for today

Social Security benefits can be a boost to post-retirement income, but they can also be challenging to navigate. When and how you claim Social Security benefits can significantly change the amount you receive. Add to that the employment uncertainty that many people near retirement are feeling today and Social Security decisions can become quite complex.

There’s no wrong decision about when to take Social Security benefits as long as your choice is deliberate and strategic. Talking with an advisor and considering Social Security as part of your overall plan can help you make the right choices for your situation and keep your future on track. Here are five things to consider:

If you are nearing retirement age or in the process of retirement planning, come talk to an Alerus advisor for help strategizing the best use for your Social Security benefits. We can help you make the best possible choices for your overall situation and figure out how to turn the many rules of Social Security to your advantage. Even if your plans are evolving, we’ll help your financial plans evolve to keep up.