Thinking beyond the 401(k): Distribution planning and investments

Saving and investing for retirement is an absolute must for most Americans, and investing in your future through 401(k)s, IRAs, and other retirement-specific investment vehicles should be a top priority in distribution planning.

An area often missed in retirement planning is distribution planning to minimize potential tax impact and maximize your assets’ ability to work for you. You may want to explore additional savings and investment opportunities to supplement your long-term retirement planning. As you evaluate your options, consider when you may need to access the money you’re investing, the purpose of your investment, and your risk tolerance to help you choose the right investment tool.

When you consider making an investment of any kind, it is crucial to consider your whole financial situation – your goals, obligations, family situation, values, risk profile, and other factors. An Alerus advisor can help you learn more about investment options and develop a financial plan that considers your needs now and in the future.