Protect My Business

Managing risk for business owners

People often associate “risk” with big things, like a fire, accident, or major theft. But managing risk can be more subtle, like rising raw material prices or a slow sales period. And what about the risk of losing your top salesperson or your most experienced technician?


Managing risk is a multilayered process for businesses that need to balance the cost of protection, with the chances of something going awry. To integrate a wide mix of financial products, processes, and tools, businesses benefit from working with a business advisor who can help bring it all together.

Business owners are optimists by nature. Bankers and business advisors are too – your success is our success, after all. Talk to an Alerus advisor about the pragmatic things that can help protect your success even when things don’t go as planned. The good news is that risk management is largely about thinking ahead, and a business advisor who has seen a lot can help you make smart choices.