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Financial wellness in the workplace

As more and more business owners offer retirement and health care benefits for their employees, the question is: What else can I do? This isn’t purely altruistic: while employers do want to help improve employee wellness, benefits are also critical to a company’s success.

85% of Americans are nervous about their financial lives, and 65% lose sleep over money. This spills into the workplace, where people spend an average of 3 work hours per week on personal financial matters. The next generation of benefits packages address overall “financial wellness,” which teaches employees to manage debt, save for emergencies, and prepare for the future. Initiate a financial wellness program to:

Comprehensive financial wellness can’t be achieved overnight, and like physical fitness, it isn’t always easy. But with new offerings like My Alerus Financial Wellness program, employers can help fill the gap many American workers experience, and reap the benefits of a less stressed, more secure workforce.