Mobile Deposit

If you’re like most people, your schedule doesn’t always allow you to make a trip to the bank to deposit a check. Mobile deposit is as easy as taking a picture of your check. Using just your mobile device, you can deposit checks anytime and anywhere.


  1. Log in to your Alerus mobile banking app
  2. At the bottom of the screen, choose ‘Deposits’
  3. In the ‘To Account’ section, select the account you want to make a deposit and enter the ‘Check Amount’
  4. Endorse the check by signing your name. On the next line print the words ‘For Mobile Deposit Only’
  5. Select the ‘Front of Check’ icon and capture an image of the front and do the same for the back of your check
  6. Verify the information is correct and select ‘Make a Deposit’

Frequently Asked Questions