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Rethinking retirement: Will you be able to meet your goals?

Chances are, your retirement will look very different than your parents’ or grandparents’ retirements. First of all, many of us are living longer and can potentially expect a retirement that stretches 30 years or more. Second, gone are the days when the typical retiree whiled away the hours in a rocking chair. Many retirees today live incredibly active and adventuresome lifestyles. Finally, the concept of retirement itself is being redefined. The “cliff-like” retirement experience of calling it quits at age 65, with gold watch in hand never to work again, is being redefined with more and more retirees launching second (or third) careers or starting their own businesses.

With all of these changes to retirement as we know it, it is critical to plan carefully to help ensure you have enough income to live the retirement you expect and deserve.