Give your 401(k) a raise with automatic escalation!

By taking advantage of Altru’s automatic contribution escalation for your 401(k) plan you’re taking even greater control of your financial wellbeing.

With automatic escalation, your 401(k) contribution increases each year on a set schedule. This allows you to easily save more money for retirement and take advantage of the power of compounding returns.

Your contributions will increase slightly each year, so you’ll hardly notice a difference in your paycheck, but the additional savings built over time can significantly benefit your retirement nest egg.

With automatic escalation, you can set it and forget it. Take advantage of this great option and get one step closer to achieving your retirement goals.


Assumptions: Starting age is 25, retirement age is 65. Starting salary of $50,000 with a 2.3% wage growth. Annual employer match of 100% of each dollar contributed up to 5%. Investment return of 6.25%.

Individual is assumed to retire at the end of age 65. Growth of portfolio is tax deferred. Ending portfolio may be subject to tax. Example is for illustrative purposes only and not indicative of any investment.