Protect My Business

Education is key to keep ahead of cyber threats

Business fraud is as old as business, but it’s constantly evolving and taking new forms. Especially over the past year and a half, with many workers first shifting to their homes and now returning to the office, security gaps and changes in behavior have emerged that fraudsters are able to turn to their advantage. Learn how to stay ahead of scams and protect your personal and financial information from cyber threats.

Business owners need to know what to watch for and how to be prepared. Often the best defense is simple – stop, think, and ask questions when something unusual comes up. Here are some things to think about:

Alerus has been advising firms on fraud and keeping their financial information secure for decades, from the days of keeping paper checks secure to helping them understand the risks we face today.  We offer services like Positive Pay to cut down on check fraud, and we offer presentations and webinars on fraud prevention to our customers and their employees to help make good habits second nature. Talk to your Alerus business advisor to learn more.