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Peace of mind at your fingertips

With Text Message Alerts and CardValet, taking control of your Alerus debit card is easier than ever. Both technologies give you tools and information to protect your card from suspicious or unwanted activities.

Text Message Alerts

If there’s suspicious activity on your account, we’ll send you a text notification to verify the transaction. It’s an easy way for you to protect your account, and it comes standard with your Alerus debit card.

If we don’t have your cell phone number, or if you opt out, you’ll receive a call from our automated voice response alert system whenever we find activity that needs to be verified.

Know that we’ll never ask or your account number or Social Security number, and if you’re ever unsure about whether you’ve received a valid alert, call us at 800.279.3200.


The free mobile app allows you to remotely manage when, where and how your card is used. It’s perfect for disabling lost cards, preventing fraud and controlling spending.

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