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What should you look for when choosing a bank?

Whether as a business or an individual, your relationship with your banker and financial advisor is important. It requires a high level of trust that goes far beyond simply securing your money, conducting a transaction, or paying interest.

As the banking industry has changed, customers have options that run from new online-only banks to huge national brick-and-mortar chains. It’s easy to compare some things, but to find the perfect fit when choosing a bank, consider what your ideal relationship with your bank would look like. Ask yourself:

At Alerus, our offerings and service model blend what we feel is the best of all worlds. Our heritage as a long-standing community bank, with all the responsiveness and personal attention implied in that, has been paired with multi-faceted financial services designed for the needs of individuals and businesses. Our mission is to help the businesses, individuals, and communities we serve thrive, and we have the people and tools to do just that. Come in and see all that your Alerus community bank has to offer.