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The transformative power of the right business loan

Debt is an important and sometimes misunderstood part of a business’s balance sheet. Owners may mistakenly assume all debt is bad and should be avoided. The truth is more complex. From commercial lending to small business financing, learn how the right business loan can fuel your business growth and support your goals.

The key to good debt is to have a strategic reason to take on debt – don’t just borrow because rates are low –seek out lenders offering terms that work for you. In today’s low-interest environment, there can be pressure to take on debt without thinking long term, but the structure of the loans may be variable or not in an owner’s best interest. Work with an advisor to take on good debt that serves a purpose. Here are some ways debt can be useful:

Whatever the strategy behind your debt, be sure to work with a trusted partner who understands your business. Alerus has worked with businesses of all sizes for decades, with a focus on helping organizations position themselves over the long term to realize their purpose and vision. Alerus business advisors help owners keep a close eye on their fundamentals and understand the implications – and opportunities – that borrowing presents. Talk to an Alerus business advisor today.