Surviving market volatility during COVID-19 uncertainty

During this time, it may be comforting to remember that you are not alone. Everyone is wondering what the future holds for the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Everyone has the same fears and anxiety that you may be feeling right now. When it comes to your investments, all you can really control is how you react. Sticking to sound, fundamental investing principles and staying the course will help you make it through. Here are some sensible and practical tips for surviving market volatility in the face of what may seem like an extraordinary crisis.

Think, Reflect, Sleep on it…and Consider Talking to a Financial Professional. If you do make changes to your investments, do so in a thoughtful way after careful consideration. Talk to friends and family, they’re in the same situation. Read articles from a trusted financial news source. And if you haven’t already, consider talking with a financial professional to get their perspective and guidance.