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How SBA Lending Can Make Your Business Thrive

After two years of improvisation and unexpected challenges, many businesses are ready to look forward. Whether applying lessons learned or seizing new opportunities, owners are seeking capital to help them start their next chapters. For many small businesses, a loan from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA lending) may help them make the shift from “surviving” to “thriving.”

As you consider ways you can improve and grow your business, be sure to connect early with a preferred SBA lender. They know the particulars of SBA lending and have experience working with businesses like yours. Here are five questions to ask yourself and your SBA lender:

Thriving as a small business takes more than just capital. It takes a good plan and excellent execution, and that means having a reliable, experienced team on your side. Alerus is an SBA preferred lender with a dedicated SBA team that can both guide you through the loan process and help you think through your strategy, drawing on other Alerus resources to fill the gaps. Contact us today and get ready for what’s next.