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Finding advantage in business liquidity

Not all businesses were affected by the economic turmoil of 2020-2021 equally. Some businesses will require careful nurturing to recover. Others saw a drop in expenses, increase in business, or both, and may have more cash and liquidity.

Businesses anywhere on that spectrum should consult with an advisor as they plan for what comes next, but for those businesses that find themselves with excess liquidity, there are some general things to consider. As always, your specific situation will call for a tailored solution, but you can start by:

The business advisors at Alerus are ready to help you think through the opportunities presented by liquidity. We offer a full range of banking, lending, investment and benefit services, and our experienced advisors can provide new ideas and fresh insights. Our goal is to help businesses develop plans to realize their full potential while managing the realities and uncertainties of today and tomorrow.