Getting Started

Saving vs. Investing: What to keep in mind

It was a problem we all had as kids when we found a dollar: Does it go into the piggy bank or get spent on something to enjoy into the future? The options change as we get older, but the same kinds of calculations and questions arise. As adults, we are told saving is good, but we need to invest. So, which is more important?

Financial wellness involves many moving parts – saving, investing, debt management, insurance, and more. Adjusting one impacts the others. That’s why it’s important to take them all into account collectively and fine tune them to your overall situation. When questioning whether to save versus invest, here are some things to remember:

Whatever career, family, or life stage you are at, a holistic look at your financial wellness can help you meet your goals. Talk to an Alerus advisor to see how you can enhance (or begin) your saving, discuss investing, allocate investments to match your risk tolerance and life situation, and balance both saving and investing with the other facets of your financial life. Whether you have $1,000 extra per week or don’t think you have any, we are ready to help.