Nearing Retirement

How to Make Cosigning a Student Loan a Breeze

Use the loan application process as a learning experience.

A college education is a valuable asset that can pay dividends for a lifetime, but paying for the cost of college alone can be a challenge.

If you want to help a family member get a college education, cosigning a loan could be the best way to do it—and could help put them on the path to better personal finance and career success.

Parents, guardians, or other relatives may want to cosign a loan for a loved one for any number of reasons. If you have decided to act as a cosigner, this article will help you and the primary borrower get through the loan application process quickly and easily.

Taking the time as a cosigner to prepare the loan application will help the primary borrower absorb these important money lessons, and will make the loan application process quick and simple. With the right preparation, loan approval will be a breeze!