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Small Business Spotlight: Performance Chiropractic

Alerus | MAY 26, 2017

Career aspirations come from many different places – a young woman joins the family business after watching her father succeed, a boy’s fascination with the outdoors leads him to study the natural sciences, for example. For Dr. Stacy Hallgren of Performance Chiropractic in Grand Forks, North Dakota, an unexpected and painful event became the catalyst for a career devoted to the health of others.

An Accident 

The Midwest’s wide-open spaces afford its hearty inhabitants plenty of opportunities to live active lives, which often means taking in as many outdoor activities as possible. Camping, fishing, biking, and running all have their devotees, as does horseback riding among those with a sense of nostalgia and adventure, two traits prominent in a young Stacy Hallgren.

Aspiring to attend medical school, Stacy excelled in college and earned a biology degree from the University of North Dakota. After that, she returned home, to the ranch where she had grown up breaking, riding, and showing horses, to be with family and prepare for medical school. Part of being at home meant riding horses again, including her father’s massive Percheron, a breed so strong that they were used as war horses in the Middle Ages, and later for agriculture and hauling heavy loads of goods.

One day in 2003, during a routine ride, Stacy was thrown from the horse and was knocked unconscious for a few seconds. She woke up with a sore shoulder, so sore that she thought she wouldn’t be able to go to work the next day, but didn’t give it much thought beyond that, at least at first. Staying at her parents’ house that night, Stacy could hardly sleep as the pain grew worse, until the next morning when her mother found her on the couch and, alarmed by what she saw, took her daughter immediately to the emergency room.

Tests revealed ruptured spleen, lung damage, and a concussion – the shoulder pain was attributed to internal bleeding. Had Stacy’s mother not acted so quickly, doctors said Stacy could have gone into cardiac arrest and died. 

Fortunate in the most basic sense to have survived, Stacy was now facing constant pain and very real physical limitations. She had memory loss, developed a stutter, and suffered with abnormal posture due to the injuries. Try as they might, doctors – and there were many of them – could not seem to find a way to alleviate the pain or set her on the path to full recovery. Their proposed solutions were meds and speech therapy. 

An Inspiration

Dr. Wallace King was by 2003 an elder statesman in North Dakota’s chiropractic world. He had practiced for the better part of half a century, authored five books on the subject, and had served as president of the state’s Chiropractic Association. He was a force, even convincing North Dakota’s insurance commission to accept medical payments for chiropractic services, something no other state was doing at the time.

Though in his 80s by then, Dr. King had never tired of helping people recover from injuries. It was his passion, and countless patients had benefited from his care over the years. At the age of 23, Stacy didn’t know any of this. All she knew was that her grandmother had been insisting for months that she see a chiropractor, which Stacy didn’t understand seeing as she did not have any back pain.

Stacy hoped he would be able to do something for her, but after so many fruitless attempts by medical doctors, she wasn’t sure a chiropractor could give her a better outcome. Yet she needed to pursue all possibilities for recovery, and carried a cautious optimism to her initial meetings with Dr. King.

It soon became apparent that there was still creativity in the old doctor’s mind, and a little magic in his hands. Within three months, and after an adjustment, his chiropractic methods began to restore Stacy’s physical abilities, slowly but surely. The pain began to fade away, and movements became a little easier. Then the stutter subsided and the memory began to return. Eventually, with regular treatments, Stacy was able to achieve what she wasn’t sure was possible – a full recovery.

Inspired by her experience with Dr. King, Stacy immediately decided that she wanted, in fact needed, to become a chiropractor instead of going to medical school. 

The Company

Performance Chiropractic was founded in Grand Forks in 2007 and is operated by Dr. Hallgren and her husband, Dr. Kris Anderson, himself a highly successful and talented chiropractor. The company offers a wide variety of chiropractic health services for people of all ages and those dealing with a wide range of conditions. Major categories of care provided include pre-natal, pediatric, and sports-related chiropractic, as well as posture stabilization (attention to the foot and ankle, which are often a source of pain elsewhere in the body).

The treatment approach is very consultative and tailored to each patient’s individual needs. A first visit, for example, includes an explanation of how the science of chiropractic works, followed by a complete evaluation to see if chiropractic care is the right choice. If there is a good fit, then a chiropractic care plan geared toward that patient’s specific condition and health goals is created.

The treatment plan is very comprehensive, and can include everything from nutrition to help with underlying digestive problems impacting overall health, to spinal adjustments, manual therapies for muscles, and rehab exercise techniques.

The way Performance Chiropractic operates is patient-based, which is to say that positive outcomes for patients matter much more than the company’s bottom line. Stacy, Kris, and everyone in the office strive to help people improve the quality of their lives, which is viewed as not a job but a fulfilling purpose. 

About the Alerus Relationship

Dr. Hallgren decided to become an Alerus customer after meeting relationship banker Mike Helt at a business networking group in Grand Forks. After talking to him a few times, she felt like he was someone she could trust and who would try to do what was in the best interests of Performance Chiropractic. 

She says her experiences with Alerus has been great, noting that as a customer she “gets great support and any time an issue has come up it has been addressed promptly and resolved quickly.” The combination of great customer service, her relationship with Mike, and the ease of banking online are all things that Stacy cites as strong points and reasons why she enjoys banking at Alerus.

For More About Performance Chiropractic

You can get the details about Performance Chiropractic’s services by visiting the company’s website, or by calling 701.732.2888. If you are searching for treatment for yourself or someone you love, read what some past patients have to say, and consider meeting Dr. Hallgren or Dr. Anderson to discuss your situation. 

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