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Now You Can Add Your Alerus Cards to Your Mobile Wallet!

Alerus | JUN 09, 2017

Alerus Cards Now Work With Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay

Whether you’re tech-savvy and regularly use digital banking, a hands-full type who would like to carry one less thing, or you're on-the-go and could always use an extra few seconds, we’re happy to announce that Alerus debit and credit cards are now compatible with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. These mobile wallets offer customers the convenience of paying for purchases with the swipe of their phones, rather than inserting your card into a reader, resulting in quick, easy, safe transactions.

Set-up is easy and takes only a few minutes of your time, a smart device and your Alerus credit or debit card. 

How it Works

  • Identify which app is compatible with your device. Apple Pay is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac products*. Samsung Pay is compatible with Galaxy smart phones, Galaxy Note tablets and Gear smart watches**. 
  • Locate Apple Pay or Samsung Pay on your device, add your Alerus credit card and/or debit card by taking a photo, and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • In participating stores, hold your device near the card terminal. In apps, follow payment instructions.


  • Faster transaction times. Mobile wallet transactions have proven to be faster than EMV (chip) card transactions. While either transaction is completed in mere seconds, if every second counts, mobile wallets win.
  • Security. Mobile wallets “talk” to card readers the same way EMV cards do – each uses tokens to send information through the card reader rather than card-specific data which is housed in the magnetic strips of cards. The process is secure and protects against hackers swiping card data in the event that a retailer’s security is breached. Also, because smart phones can be locked by their owners, cards stored in mobile wallets are unable to be accessed in the event of a lost/stolen phone, unlike a lost physical wallet.
  • Convenience. With Mobile Wallet, users don’t have to carry a separate wallet or card with them in order to pay for a purchase. A phone is the only item needed to complete transactions.

Want to Learn More?

Take a look at our mobile wallet page or call us at 888.409.5375 for more details!


*You can use Apple Pay® on eligible iPhones®, iPads®, Apple Watches®, and Macs® (with Safari browser) using the latest operating systems. For a current list of compatible devices and requirements, visit

**Samsung Pay is compatible with select carriers and Samsung devices. For more information, visit

Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad, Apple Pay, and Apple Watch are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Samsung, Samsung Pay, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note (and other device names) are trademarks or registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.  

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