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CardValet® Keeps a Virtual Eye on Account Activity

Alerus | SEP 11, 2017

In today's heavily digital world, monitoring the usage of your credit cards and debit cards is mort important than ever. 

To gain more control over your cards, whether you're traveling or during routine use, we recommend taking advantage of CardValet®  - a mobile app for Android and iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which allows users to remotely manage how and when their cards are used. Features of the complimentary service include:

  • On or Off. In the event of a lost or stolen card, users can quickly deactivate the card, and re-activate it when the card is located.
  • Limit activity. Users can monitor and control transactions for specific categories, and can set spending limits. Sending your teenager to the mall for the afternoon with a limited budget? This feature will ensure they stay within the guidelines.
  • Location-based controls. If you are a frequent traveler, or on a trip where out-of-area purchases may not otherwise be immediately flagged, utilize this feature to allow the app to limit purchases to merchants within a set distance of your phone, ensuring that it’s you using your card.
  • Real-time alerts. This feature enables you to receive texts each time your card is used, as well as when it is declined. 
  • Choose which cards to include. Multiple cards can be included in your CardValet®, which means if you have bank accounts at different financial institutions, you can track them all using this app. It is up to the user to decide which cards to include.

More information, including instructions to download the app to your Apple or Android mobile device, is available on our website. You can also watch this short video. Additional questions may be answered by your relationship manager or by calling our Customer Care Center at 888-409-5375.

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